• Fill Admission form (Link pdf) along with one passport size photograph.

  • The admission fee and the first month's tuition fee are due at the time of enrolment.

  • Fees are due and payable in advance on or before the 10th of every month. Late fee will be charged in case of failure to pay on time.

  • Students on leave or remains absent will be liable to pay fees for the period of leave/absence.

  • Please collect receipt and maintain the fee statements.

  • Annual fees of to be paid every year along with April's monthly fees.

  • Fee structure and course content are not negotiable.

  • The student or her parents must not expect their ward to be automatically become eligible for public performance during the course undertaken.

  • Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya faculty reserves the right to select the student(s) for this purpose on merit basis. There will be performance opportunities throughout the year depending on attendance, availability and ability of the dancer.

  • Be present for performance rehearsals. Each participating student has to be present in every rehearsal.

  • Without the permission of the faculty, students are not allowed to accept any engagements to appear in public either on amateur or professional stage or in any program in classical dance.

  • Students are not allowed to share any class notes, music or videos within or outside, without permission of the institute.

  • Students are advised to participate in Workshops or lecture & demo sessions by an eminent dancers or artists who will be invited by the institute. This exposure will be an enriching experience for students. There might be extra expense for the workshops.

  • Any practice cassettes/CDs are given to the student for practice purpose only. It will not be used for any other purpose or re-production.

Classroom Rules

Dress appropriately and wear uniform.

There will be 2 classes in a week, totaling 8 to 9 classes per month.

Institute will be closed on National holidays or festivals.

A student must inform each time she is absent from class for whatever reason.

A student must inform each time she is absent from class for whatever reason.

Punctuality and regularity to class must be maintained by students.

Training Centers

Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya classes are held in various locations in New Delhi.


Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya is affiliated to Pracheen Kala Kendra and is a registered examination Centre.

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