Nrityamanjari is a group formed by the initiative of Shri Sushant Maharana. It is the group of senior dancers of Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya which has been performing as a professional troupe in various classical dance programmes.

Nrityamanjari is much more than a dance group. It is a melting pot of inspiration and ideas, coming together of creative minds of Guru Trinath Maharana, Shri Sushant Maharana, Shri Prashant Maharana and team of dancers.

Sushant Maharana, Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya, Nrityamanjari

Nrityamanjari Festival

Each year we host the annual festival of classical Indian dance.

Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya

It is an institute of Indian classical music and dance forms in Delhi.

Our Teachers

Know our highly experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about Classical dance and music, are passing on their knowledge to the students.

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